Chemical Test Refusal FAQ

Can I have any type of driving privilege while I am serving my revocation on a chemical refusal?

After you serve the first 90 days of your revocation, you may be eligible for a hardship license (Limited Driving Privilege). Click on one of the following for more information.

How do I file the necessary forms in order to Read the rest

How can I get my driver license back when it is revoked for a chemical refusal (refused to blow)?

Send the following items to the Driver License Bureau, P.O. Box 200, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200, before your revocation period ends.

Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP) completion form or a comparable program completion form. The Division of Alcohol and … Read the rest

How do I request a hearing?

You must petition for a hearing before the Circuit or Associate Circuit Court in the county where the arrest/stop occurred. A petition for review must be filed within 30 days from the date of offense. We can help.

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How long do I need the SR-22 insurance filing?

The SR-22 is not required for reinstatement on a chemical refusal; however, the SR-22 is required if you file for a Limited Driving Privilege. The SR-22 must be kept in effect until the Limited Driving Privilege expires.… Read the rest

What is an SR-22 insurance filing?

It is a form from your insurance company that shows you have liability insurance. (Click here to see an example of the SR-22 form)… Read the rest

When will I get my driver license back?

If you have met your reinstatement requirements, you can get your driver license back one year from the starting date of your revocation. We will send the driver license back to you with your reinstatement notice.… Read the rest

When will the chemical revocation come off my driver record?

Chemical revocations are a permanent part of the record and can never be removed.… Read the rest

Where do I get information about SATOP classes?… Read the rest

Why do I need to complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP)? I was not convicted.

If you have an alcohol-related offense, such as a chemical revocation, on your driver record, the law requires you to complete a SATOP for reinstatement.… Read the rest

Will I have to retake my test?

You will have to retake your test if your driver license has been expired for more than six months.… Read the rest