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Minor in Possession (MIP)

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  • PulledOver.com defends hundreds of people charged with Minor In Possesion (MIP) each year.

    Our attorneys defend minors charged with MIP, DWI, possession of marijuana (or other controlled substance) or having a fake ID on the criminal charges and to prevent driver license suspension / revocation under the Missouri “Abuse and Lose” law.

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Traffic Tickets

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The word immediate does not invalidate notice

When an officer informs a DWI suspect that he will “immediately” lose his license if he does not submit to a breath test, even though technically he may have several days before his license is revoked, that technicality is not … Read the rest

Inmates cannot be held because they can’t pay bail

St. Louis jails cannot hold inmates simply because they can’t pay bail, according to a recent ruling by a federal judge who also granted inmates class action status to sue.

The decision was made by U.S. District Judge Audrey Fleissig’s. … Read the rest

State wins Dept. of Revenue DWI suspension/revocation case

A recent decision by the Missouri Eastern District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Department of Revenue holding that a judge misapplied the law when it made a credibility determination on uncontested evidence after the judge admitted the … Read the rest