• Every year, PulledOver.com helps hundreds of people in St. Louis, St. Charles, and all around Missouri with Minor In Possesion (MIP) charges.

    Our attorneys defend minors charged with MIP, DWI, possession of marijuana (or other controlled substance) or having a fake ID on the criminal charges and to prevent driver license suspension / revocation under the Missouri “Abuse and Lose” law.

  • No obligation. Free consultation for MIP “Abuse & Lose” Defense

    Have you been arrested for MIP (Minor in Possession) in Missouri? You’re not alone. Every year, we help minors and their families protect their records and their driving privileges. We can help. Contact us.

  • Protect your record.

    Minors in Missouri can count on PulledOver.com to help defend their rights, keep their criminal record clean and protect their driving privileges. We can help. Let’s talk.

Questions about a Missouri MIP?

Based in St. Louis, DWI lawyer W. M. Thornburg and the attorneys at Pulledover.com are experienced criminal lawyers who successfully fight Minor In Possesion (MIP) convictions in Missouri. We’ve put together this Missouri Minor in Possession (MIP) Resource Center to help people with questions they might have about MIP in Missouri.

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