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Winchester Municipal Court
109 Lindy Blvd
Winchester, MO 63134

Phone: 636-391-0600
Fax: 636-391-6365

City of Winchester, MO website. Check the website to find a list of fines and court procedures.

Court Administrator
Diane Tomlin-Bledsoe

Court Hours
9:00am – 4:00pm

The City of Winchester Municipal court convenes at 7 PM on the first Wednesday each month at Winchester City Hall, 109 Lindy Boulevard, Winchester, MO 63021.

This Court does not settle questions of civil money claims between private citizens.
All person entering the court and their possessions are subject to search by security personnel. No weapons of any kind. No knives of any kind, shape or size.

When you arrive at court, proceed into the courtroom and have a seat. When your name is called you may proceed forward to the Court Bailiff.

While In The Courtroom, You Are Expected To:
Dress appropriately.
Remain seated until your case is called.
Not smoke or consume food or drink.
Not talk or make noise.
Not sleep or otherwise disrupt the court proceedings.
Remove all hats.
To view your case on line, go to:
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