Scott County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 33

Scott County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 33

Scott County Courthouse
P.O. Box 277
Benton, Missouri 63736
(573)545-3596 telephone
(573)545-3597 facsimile

David A. Dolan, Presiding Judge
(573)545-3141 telephone
(573)545-3000 facsimile

W. H. Winchester III, Associate Circuit Judge
David C. Mann, Associate Circuit Judge

James Pinkston, Drug Court Commissioner
telephone (573)683-2146 Ext. 251

John McMinn, Drug Court Administrator
telephone (573)683-2146 Ext. 253

Docket call:
Law days are second and fourth Thursdays.

General Information:
Clerk’s Office
Pam Glastetter, Circuit Clerk
(573)545-3596 telephone
(573)545-3597 facsimile

Please contact the Clerk’s office for informaiton on
Adult Abuse filings and Family Court.

Associate Divisions:
Probate telephone (573)545-3511 telephone
Probate facsimile (573)545-3685

Associate telephone (573)545-3576
Associate facsimile (573)545-4231