Missouri Statututory References

Statutory References: RSMO §§ 302.500 – 302.540

302.500. Definitions.

302.505. Determination by department to suspend or revoke license, when made basis–final, when.

302.510. Arresting officer, duties–certain arrests not to be basis for
administrative suspension or revocation.

302.515. Notice of suspension or revocation by department–deemed received, when–contents.

302.520. Arresting officer to serve notice of suspension or revocation, when–to possess license, issue temporary permit, give written notice of
driver’s rights and responsibilities–application for hearing.

302.525. Suspension or revocation, when effective, duration–restricted
driving privilege–effect of suspension or revocation by court on charges arising out of same occurrence.

302.530. Request for administrative review, when made–temporary permit, duration–telephone hearings permitted, when–hearing, venue, conduct–decision, notice, final when–appeal for judicial review–rulemaking authority.

302.535. Trial de novo, conduct, venue, what judge may hear, when–restricted driving privilege, when, duration of.

302.536. Department to pay court costs and attorney fees, when.

302.540. Reinstatement of license–completion of substance abuse traffic offender program a condition–individual assessment, judicial
review–fees and cost, distribution of–treatment demonstration project may be created.