Maryland Heights MO Municipal Court

The traffic and criminal defense lawyers at regularly represent and defend people in Maryland Heights Municipal Court (traffic court) on all sorts of traffic law violations and criminal charges. The following are typical of the type of cases we handle in Maryland Heights, MO:

  • Speeding Tickets – where “no points” is the goal
  • Driving while Suspended/Revoked
  • Careless and Imprudent Driving (C&I)
  • Stop Sign Violation
  • Electric Signal Violation
  • Driving while Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Minor in Possession (MIP)
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Paraphernalia

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Maryland Heights Municipal Court

Maryland Heights Municipal Court Web Site

Maryland Heights Municipal Court
212 Millwell Drive
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
(314) 291-6036

Hon. Kevin R Kelly

Prosecuting Attorney
M. Deann Outlaw, Esq.

Court Clerk
Gerry Durfee

Court Dates and Docket Dates (7:00 PM)
Traffic Court and Ordinance Violations: 2nd and 4th Thursday
Sentencing Dockets: 2nd Monday

The Violations Bureau is open for payments from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..
On court dates, payments are accepted until 2 p.m. the day of court.

Maryland Heights, Missouri Traffic Law Defense Lawyers

The traffic law defense attorneys at are experienced lawyers who provide vigorous legal defense of all types of traffic law violations in Maryland Heights. From Maryland Heights speeding tickets, to Maryland Heights MIP (minor on possession) defense, to Maryland Heights DWI defense, we can help you avoid the harsh consequences of not having a top defense lawyer to protect your rights in court.

Maryland Heights, MO Speeding Ticket Lawyers

The Maryland Heights lawyers at handle speeding tickets in Maryland Heights. We know what you want – “no points” – and we know how to get results.

Maryland Heights, MO MIP Lawyers (Minor in Possession)

If you have been charged with MIP (minor on possession) in Maryland Heights, we can help. To check our MIP (minor in possession) page, click here. We know what you want – to keep your license from being suspended and your record clean of a conviction – and our Maryland Heights MIP defense lawyers have the knowledge and experience to get results.

Maryland Heights, MO DWI Defense Lawyers

If you have been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Maryland Heights, your driver license and freedom are at risk. You need an experienced Maryland Heights DWI defense lawyer to protect and defend your rights.

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Our top DWI defense attorneys have been defending drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated in Maryland Heights Municipal Court for many years. Our Maryland Heights DWI lawyers have the knowledge and experience you need on your side.