Greene County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 31

Greene County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 31

Greene County Courthouse
1010 Boonville
Springfield, Missouri 65802
(417)868-4074 telephone
(417)868-4050 facsimile

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J. Miles Sweeney, Presiding Judge, Division 2
Don Burrell, Circuit Judge, Division 1
Henry (“Hank”) Westbrooke, Circuit Judge, Division 3
Thomas E. Mountjoy, Circuit Judge, Division 4
Calvin Holden, Circuit Judge, Division 5
Max E. Bacon, Associate Circuit Judge
J. Dan Conklin, Associate Circuit Judge
Mark Fitzsimmons, Associate Circuit Judge
Mark A. Powell, Associate Circuit Judge

General Information:
Clerk’s Office
Michael A. Carr, Circuit Clerk
(417)868-4074 telephone
(417)868-4186 facsimile

Please contact the clerk’s office for informaiton on
Adult Abuse filings and Family Court.

Associate Divisions:
(417)868-4097 telephone
(417)868-4105 telephone
(417)868-4093 telephone

Drug Court Commissioner:
Peggy Davis

Family Court Commissioners:
Winston G. Davis
Scott Tinsley
(417)868-4089 telephone
(417)868-4091 facsimile

Probate Commissioner:
Carol Aiken
(417)868-4027 telephone