General Information about SATOP. What it is. How much it costs.

Missouri law requires that when a person’s driver license has been suspended or revoked by the Department of Revenue by reason of a MO DWI / DUI arrest, the person must participate in and successfully complete Missouri’s Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP). This page is in two sections and provides both general and detailed information about Missouri’s SATOP.

Section I provides general information about SATOP. It answers the two questions we are asked most often: What is SATOP? How Much does SATOP cost?

Section II provides detailed information about Missouri’s SATOP assessment screening (written test and interview) and the six (6) SATOP programs: Offender Education Program (OEP), Adolescent Diversion Education Program (ADEP), Weekend Intervention Program (WIP) Clinical Intervention Program (CIP) Youth Intervention Clinical Program (YCIP) and Traditional Treatment. There also is link to our SATOP OMU page that contains a complete list of every SATOP provider in the State of Missouri, alphabetized by County and City.

What is SATOP?

SATOP stands for “Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program.” SATOP providers must be certified by the Missouri Dept. of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Each year, more than 30,000 Missourians are referred to SATOP as a result of an administrative suspension or revocation of their license following a DWI / DUI, by Court order, or as a condition of their probation or plea bargain.

SATOP is divided into two distinct parts. The first part of the program is a screening assessment of the drivers alcohol and substance use related to their driving behavior. The second part is the program is the driver’s assignment to and completion of one of six programs which the screener deems appropriate. Both parts are explained in greater detail below.

Missouri law provides that every person whose driver license is suspended or revoked for DWI / DUI must successfully complete SATOP before their driver license may be reinstated.

How much does SATOP cost?

At the time of the initial appointment for screening, all applicants must pay a $249.00 “Supplemental Fee” and a $126.00 “Screening Fee” ($375.00 total) The Supplemental Fee is deposited in the Mental Health Earnings Fund to be used to purchase approved intervention and counseling services for repeat and persistent DWI offenders who otherwise are unable to afford the services.

Depending on the SATOP services to which the driver is assigned to complete, the charges range from approximately $130.00 – $1,200.00. Most first-time offenders are assigned to the “Offender Education Program” (OEP), a 10- hour course which costs approximately $130.00.