Boone County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 13

Boone County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 13


Boone County Courthouse
705 E. Walnut Street
Columbia, Missouri 65201
Telephone: (573) 886-4000 (Circuit Clerks/General Information)
Telephone: (573)886-4050 (Circuit Judges)
Telephone: (573)886-4060 (Court Administration)
Facsimile: (573)886-4070


Circuit Judges
Gene Hamilton, Presiding Judge, Division I
Gary Oxenhandler, Division II
Ellen S. Roper, Division III

Court Reporters
Division I – Ann Sprague
Division II – C. Kristel Murphy
Division III – Diana Taylor

Presiding Judges Secretary
Marla Gunn

Associate Circuit Judges
Jodie Capshaw Asel, Division IV
Larry Bryson, Division V
Joe D. Holt, Division VI
Cary Augustine, Division VII
Christine Carpenter, Division IX
Christopher Kelly, Division X

Drug Court/Mental Health Court
Christine Carpenter, Associate Circuit Judge

Family Court Commissioner
Sara Miller


Court Administrator
Kathy Lloyd

Secretary to the Court Administrator
Marsha Plank

Assistant to the Court Administrator
Joy Rushing

General Information:
Circuit Clerk’s Office
Cheryl Whitmarsh, Clerk
(573)886-4000 (telephone)
(573)886-4044 (facsimile)

Please contact the Clerk’s office for information on the following:

Adult Abuse Orders
Family Court
Traffic Court