Can I talk to an attorney before I blow?

If a person when requested to submit to any test allowed pursuant to the Missouri Implied Consent Law requests to speak to an attorney, the person shall be granted 20 minutes in which to attempt to contact an attorney. The … Read the rest

Do I have to blow?

Any person who operates a motor vehicle within Missouri shall be deemed to have given consent to a chemical test or tests of the person’s breath, blood, saliva or urine for the purpose of determining the alcohol or drug content … Read the rest

Does the stop have to be lawful for the State of Missouri to suspend or revoke my license?

The Missouri Supreme Court has held that the traffic stop itself need not be lawful in order for the State of Missouri to suspend or revoke a driver’s license under the administrative suspension/revocation laws.… Read the rest

Missouri SATOP Locations

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Adair Andrew Audrain Barry
Bates Benton Boone Buchanan
Butler Callaway Camden Cape Girardeau
Cass Cedar Christian Clark
Clay Clinton Cole Cooper
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What do I need to do to get my license reinstated?

Once a driver becomes otherwise eligible for reinstatement after an administrative alcohol related suspension is imposed, the driver must meet the following requirements to be reinstated:

1. Pay a $45 reinstatement fee.

2. File and maintain proof of financial responsibility … Read the rest

What happens if I refuse to blow?

When requested to take the test, the law enforcement officer will inform the person that evidence of refusal to take the test may be used against such person and that the person’s license shall be immediately revoked upon refusal to … Read the rest

What is an SR-22 insurance filing?

A Missouri SR-22 Filing is a form from your insurance company that proves to the Department of Revenue that your vehicle has required liability insurance. Individuals that receive a DWI are typically required to maintain SR-22 for a period of … Read the rest