Watch out for police hotspots when speeding in Kansas City

If you tend to drive fast around the Kansas City area, you may want to check out a listing of traffic hotspots that the Kansas City Star compiled.

The Kansas City Star stated that in 2017 more than 118,000 traffic and parking tickets were issued by the Kansas City Police Department and processed through the municipal court. A good majority of them were on highways Interstate 435 and U.S. 71.

The newspaper took traffic and parking ticketing data from Kansas City Municipal Court for all of last year. They were able to identify where the most tickets were given, who is getting them, and what infractions are producing the most tickets.

Police broke down the locations where tickets were issued two ways: intersections and specific addresses. Intersections were primarily for traffic tickets such as speeding and improper lane change. Specific addresses were primarily for parking tickets.

In descending order, each of the following intersections had more than 500 citations:

10. U.S. 71 and Bannister Road

These were mostly speeding tickets, where drivers average 13 mph over the limit.

9. I-435 and 87th Street

Speeding again received the most tickets at this location with the average over the limit was 15 mph.

8. U.S. 169 and Briarcliff Parkway

Speeding has the most, with average over the limit of 13 mph.

7. U.S. 71 and 55th Street

The most common ticket given was for not properly displaying a state license plate on a vehicle, followed by speeding.

6. I-435 and Eastwood

Speeding again had the most tickets.

5. U.S. 71 and 75th Street

At this intersection, people were given the most tickets for not using designated traffic lanes and not properly displaying a state license plate. Tickets included about 100 seat belt violations.

4. Blue Parkway and South Noland Road

Speeding it is, with average speed 15 mph.

3. I-435 and Missouri 210

Speeding was number one reason for tickets here.

2. U.S. 71 and 39th Street

Speeding wins again. The Star notes that the highest speed recorded was 97 mph in a 55 mph zone.

1. Around the Heart of America Bridge

And to buck the trend, the main reason for some 1,400 plus tickets was for failure to obey signs with a lane change.

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