Traffic and DWI news for September 1 – September 7, 2013

  • 9/1/13 – Have you been pulled over and tried to show proof of insurance on your smart phone only to have the officer not accept it? That’s because they were required to see a paper document, but that is no more. According to a new law that went into effect on Wednesday, you can now show proof of insurance on your phone. Yay for finally catching up with technology.
    Fines are going up in Emergency Zones so slow down.
    Oh and some stuff about concealed carry. You’ll have to read that.
  • 9/3/13 – Officers were cracking down before the Ride of the Century even started. 23 riders were arrested and 24 bikes were towed Thursday night. Reports indicate that drivers were on the sidewalk, performing stunts and committing other traffic violations.

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