Tips for Dealing with a Police Officer that Pulls You Over.

Police Officers are people too. It is important to remember that when you encounter an officer even for something as simple as a traffic stop. It is imperative that you are nice to the officer. Being nice doesn’t mean not asserting your rights, but the fastest way to a ticket is to belittle and/or berate an officer. Here are some more tips for dealing with a police officer.

  1. Do not get hostile
  2. Do not talk back
  3. Do not raise your voice
  4. Do not use profanity
  5. Pull over immediately
  6. Turn off your car
  7. Place your hands on the steering wheel (Do not reach for your paperwork until the officer asks you to do so.)
  8. At night, turn on your interior light.

An officer may order you to exit the vehicle; you will need to comply with this order.

You can refuse a search. Do so calmly. Stating that you know your rights is superfluous and arrogant. Simply saying no will suffice.

Be advised that a police officer can lie to you. Do not let these lies trick you into waiving your rights.

The easiest way to take the Fifth is to be quiet.

The choices you make on how you react to the officer can have an impact on your stop.

For further information, here is a documentary on dealing with the Police.

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