Santa Fe says strict consequences for DWI are resulting in fewer

Experts in Santa Fe, New Mexico are pointing the strict consequences for a Driving While Intoxicated charge for the drop in alcohol related accidents between 2012 and 2013. Records indicate that the number of alcohol related crashes in Santa Fe was 106 in 2013 from 128 in 2012.

New Mexico is the national leader for Ignition Interlock Devices installed per 10,000 residents. State law requires an IID for all DWI offenders. The City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County also permit vehicle forfeiture if you are arrested for a DWI and already have a conviction on your record. Not only that, since 2009 the police can seize your vehicle if you are caught Driving While Revoked as well. Last year 554 vehicles were seized under these provisions.

Lawmakers correlate the re-arrest rate of first time offenders dropping 55% since 2002 and the reduction of alcohol involved crashes by 40% between 2002 and 2010 to ignition interlock devices, checkpoints, saturation patrols, vehicle seizures and public awareness.

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