Safe driving tips for winter

  • Give yourself plenty of time. A lot of problems happen because people are rushed.
  • Clean your car off completely. This includes the snow on top of your car that can fly off and impair the vision of another driver.
  • Check the weather and traffic reports before you leave. Avoid areas of high congestion.
  • Go slower on bridges. They ice over earlier than the rest of the roads and can be quite dangerous.
  • Slow down. Don’t go so slow you are impeding traffic, but don’t push yourself to go faster than you feel comfortable. This goes for four wheel drive vehicles as well – they can still slide on icy patches.
  • Watch for black ice at night and in the early morning.
  • Refill you windshield wiper fluid and make sure you have extra. Poor field of vision can cause accidents.
  • Check your tires. If they are old or worn, you probably want to get them replaced.
  • Minimize distractions. Driving in bad weather is difficult enough without trying to multitask something else.
  • If the news says stay home, stay home unless you absolutely need to leave the house.

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