New Missouri bill proposed to limit municipal revenue for property violations

Sen. Eric Schmitt, the person behind the new law that limits the amount of revenue municipalities can keep from traffic cases, has created a new bill to cap revenue from ordinance violations. In the St. Louis County area the permitted amount of traffic fine revenue per municipality dropped from 30% of the operating budget to 12.5%. This new bill would put a cap on revenue from property code violations which Senator Schmitt hopes will pre-empt “a new taxation by citation scheme.”

The Post Dispatch reports Pagedale has been focusing enforcement on violations such as barbecuing in the front yard or having a beer within 150 feet of the grill. Currently, non-traffic citations are not subject to the cap.

However, Pagedale City Attorney, Sam Alton, stated “If the target is the housing code, the revenue is not what matters. What matters is a city’s ability to maintain its properties.” Further stating the revenue from these types of citations is very little.

Schmitt is also proposing a ban on traffic ticket quotas for police departments.

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