New ignition interlock requirements for Missouri DWI offenders

The Missouri Lawmakers government passed a law last July heavily revising Missouri Statute 302.060 and now requiring stricter ignition interlock standards for DWI offenders. This law goes into effect in October of 2013.

Under current law those serving 5 0r 10 year revocations due to multiple DWI infractions would have to serve 2-3 years of the revocation before being eligible to seek a limited driving privilege. Also those who have a one year revocation due to two alcohol related contacts within 5 years would not be eligible for a limited driving privilege. Under the new law scheduled to go into effect soon, offenders would be eligible to seek a limited driving privilege after only serving 45 days.

While the timeframe for eligibility for a limited driving privilege has been drastically lowered, other requirements have become harsher. Those with 5 or 10 year denials must have an ignition interlock device that has a photo identification system and global positioning when limited driving privileges are granted or for 6 months after their license is reinstated. If the monthly monitoring reports show a BAC on the system or an attempt to get around the ignition interlock device, another 6 months of the ignition interlock device will be required.

First time offenders will also notice some changes under the new law. Under current law an individual who is convicted of a DWI or loses the Administrative Hearing, serves a 90 day suspension. The offender is required to serve 30 days of the suspension and receives a limited driving privilege for the remaining 60 days. Under the new statute, first time offenders who wish to install an ignition interlock device will only serve 15 days of the suspension and then be eligible for a 75 day restricted driving privilege. If there are any violations of the ignition interlock device during the 75 day restricted driving privilege, the driver will be required to have the ignition interlock device for another 75 days.

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