Missouri given “F” grade for driving safety

Have you heard Missouri is considered one of the worst states for road safety? That’s according to a recent report from the National Safety Commission.

Missouri received a grade of an “F” for road safety, which was one of nine states to receive the lowest grade. Overall the state was ranked 49th. The grades were based on each state’s statistics related to failure to wear seatbelts, distracted driving incidents, speeding tickets, and alcohol-impaired driving (DWI’s).

Partly resulting in such a low grade is Missouri’s seatbelt and texting laws. In Missouri, a driver cannot be pulled over just for not wearing a seatbelt. There must be a secondary offense observed, such as speeding, following too close, erratic driving, invalid license, etc. Therefore, many drivers are not buckled up and pay the price in injuries or even death. As to texting, only drivers under age 21 and commercial drivers can be ticketed for texting and driving. Those 21 and over will not be ticketed. This has led to many accidents among the 21 year and older group.

November and December months are considered the most dangerous driving months because of the increased number of deaths usually recorded. You can expect the state highway patrol to have extra law enforcement out on the roads during these months. Remember to buckle up, use designated drivers or ride services if drinking, and to drive safely this holiday season.

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