Missouri DMVs will no longer print your license while you wait

If you have been in to renew your license within the last six months, you may have been surprised when the government employees scanned in your personal documents (social security card, passport, birth certificate, etc). That has changed thanks to new legislation recently signed by Governor Jay Nixon.

Department of Revenue officials defended the scanning as an attempt to make Missouri licenses more secure.  The DOR recently switched to using a centralized vendor in Georgia to print Missouri licenses. This is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to having printers in every office. Under the old policy, electronic copies were kept in a state database in Jefferson City.

The DOR indicates they can still continue to issue drivers licenses without scanning documents, but residents must bring in Social Security numbers, provide proof of residence and present proof of citizenship. The applicant will receive a paper license and the permanent license will be mailed about two weeks later.

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