Man held in contempt for drinking experiment during DWI deliberations

A 70 year old business man’s self-published book has gotten him in hot water with the Florida Court system. The man was a juror on a criminal DWI case in which the defendant allegedly crashed into a 23 year old man sending¬†the victim’s car into a canal where the victim ultimately drowned.

The juror indicated that he proposed a drinking experiment during deliberations to see how drunk he would be had he consumed as much alcohol as the victim. The jury ultimately convicted the defendant, but that conviction has been overturned for juror misconduct. The juror was sentenced to 6 months in jail. He also failed to disclose a pending DWI against his ex-wife during voir dire.

To add to the strangeness of this case, the defendant adopted his 42 year old girlfriend to avoid civil liability. This adoption, which his ex-wife claims no knowledge of, gave the girlfriend 1/3 of a $300 million trust fund set up for his children. In 2012, the driver agreed to give $45 million to the parents of the victim.


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