Appeals Court Upholds St. Louis City Red Light Cameras

On Tuesday this week, the Eastern District Missouri Court of Appeals upheld St. Louis City’s red-light cameras.

This ruling was a result of the City of St. Louis appealing the decision made by St. Louis City Circuit Court Judge Mark Neill from February of 2012. Judge Neill ruled that the city lacked the authority to enact such an ordinance which voided the law.

Even though Judge Neill’s ruling was over a year ago, St. Louis City has continued to ticket red-light runners caught on camera. Appellate Judge Kurt S. Odenwald wrote: “As disconcerting as it may seem, the financial windfall enjoyed by municipalities implementing the automated camera system does not diminish the benefits to public safety occasioned by any potential reduction in traffic accidents within their municipal boundaries.”

Mayor Francis Slay’s spokeswoman has indicated that any problems with the notification wording sent to violators was remedied last year.

The appeals court had previously ruled that as long as the offense was treated like a parking violation the red-light cameras were okay. In March, the court heard multiple cases from throughout the state regarding this cameras, but none of those cases were included in this ruling.

It is currently unknown if the Plaintiffs are going to try to take this to a higher court.

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