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Missouri appellate court rules on DWI probable cause standard

A recent Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District decision continues to give law enforcement a low burden to show probable cause to pull a DWI suspect over.

The case is Brian Charles Srader v. the Department of Revenue.  Srader … Read the rest

Foundation requirements for prior convictions in DWI

A recent Court of Appeals of Missouri, Western District opinion shows the importance of prosecutors laying a proper evidentiary foundation to introduce evidence of prior convictions in driving while intoxicated cases.


In the case of State v. Gary Lee Read the rest

MO state troopers to start patrolling St. Louis highways

The City of St. Louis highways will be getting some help when it comes to highway traffic enforcement.

The Missouri Highway Patrol will soon be patrolling the interstates in St. Louis. It will be a 90-day pilot program to free Read the rest